CERT® Tizona 8’x24’ Plasma Burn Table

Plasma cutting is what we do best… The plasma cutting process is ideal for plate components ranging from 1/4″ – 2″ in thickness in a variety of materials including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  OEMS and structural fabricators across all industries make extensive use of this technology. 


Detailed Specifications:

We run a well maintained and a high-quality CNC plasma table built in the USA from a great company in NE Oklahoma. The table motion can achieve +-0.005in of tolerance with its constant feedback servo systems. This machine is known for dependability, repeatability, and efficiency.

This table is equipped with ohmic sensing, high definition drive systems, automatic height control, and all of the other features included on a high-end plasma table used for CNC plate cutting.

Specifications from CERT® Machines:

Hypertherm® XPR 300 Plasma System

The Hypertherm XPR300 X-Definition plasma power source produces beautiful cuts on thicker materials matched with excellent cut speed. This machine is the latest and greatest from Hypertherm with X-Definition cut quality (superior to Hi-Definition plasma systems) approaching that of a fiber laser. With a 100% duty cycle, this cutter can run all day without taking any breaks. Only oxygen is used as a plasma gas in order to provide even better dross free parts and weld ready edges. This plasma cutter can cut mild steel, stainless, aluminum, and really anything that transfers an electrical current. On mild steel, we can cut anywhere from 22GA material to 3in material. We can quickly scribe steel plates to indicate bend lines or for part number marking. This machine can hold +/- .020” compared to the industry standard of +/- .125”.

Below is a list of cities that are easily accessible for us to ship processed plates too. We are by no means
limited to the list below but can ship across the United States from coast to coast.