Plasma Cutting Services LLC is a high mix – medium volume job shop on a growth path to become a contract metal fabricator. We service original equipment manufacturers and other fabrication shops by offering first and secondary fabrication processes relating to custom steel plates and sheet metal parts. Plasma Cutting Services serves customers across the nation in diverse industries and markets. We strive to offer the fastest lead times, competitive pricing, and quality work but set ourselves apart by being responsive, nimble, and modern

Located in rural SW Missouri where agricultural farming is prevalent, it’s an interesting location for a fabrication business. Most everyone that comes to our shop think they have the wrong address. However, I personally enjoy the seclusion and privacy from a town or city although the labor pool becomes more challenging.

Plasma Cutting Services was founded in 2018 as an entry into the manufacturing marketplace. Initially we only served local customers in the Midwest, but halfway through 2020, we began to serve customers nationwide. We are always upgrading & improving our equipment, facilities, and processes to better serve our customers.

Here at Plasma Cutting Services, we strive to consistently deliver custom parts on time, on budget, and at an excellent quality. We treat everyone with fairness and respect including our customers, vendors, and employees. Our growth is fueled by a deep passion for transforming raw materials (plate) into functional parts. We are not just selling the steel… We are selling the service.

Plasma Cutting Services would like to grow with your company as we both hope for a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

Thank You,

Wyatt Braker, President

“A Cut Above the Rest…”

Our vision & goals

“We are here to add value to steel by modern fabrication techniques and by empowering the use of technology to increase efficiency and throughput. We must serve our customers with quality, on time deliveries, and respect. Our growth is fueled by our passion for steel and our ambition to help our customers fabricate things. Our company will grow wherever the industry takes us until our goals are reached to the fullest.”

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer