CNC Steel plate processing: Cut to size, MACHINED, bent, FABRICATED, COATED and delivered

Plasma Cutting Services is a B2B Midwest based steel plate and sheet CNC processing company with a nationwide customer base in many markets and industries. PCS is a modern high mix medium volume job shop but is on a path to becoming a full-blown metal contract manufacturer as we add additional fabrication processes. We serve OEM’s and other steel fabricators across the nation that need to outsource their plate or sheet metal components. Any job, big or small, will be fabricated to the customers utmost satisfaction.



We specialize in X-Definition CNC plasma cutting (a step above Hi-Definition) using the latest and greatest equipment and software from the steel fabrication industry. Industrial CNC plasma cutting is ideal for cutting and blanking steel flat parts ranging from 1/4″ up to 2″ in thickness. Many grades of steel, stainless, and aluminum can be efficiently and economically be processed.  Are your machines behind and your production cannot meet important deadlines? Do you outsource first step processing? We have you covered! Request a quote today! See More


We currently outsource our laser cutting work, in the midst of attaining our very own machine and building a customer base. We take the time to research other laser processing shops for the best lead times and prices, then pass the quote on to our prospects. Our priority is to insure the best service. Request a quote for your laser cutting needs today! See More


We specialize in plate and sheet metal bending using precision CNC press brake equipment and the best tooling available from WILA. Our operators will get it right the first time. Save time and money by outsourcing your bending operations. We know the ins and outs of bending steel and all of the complications and limitations of the bending world. Send us drawings or CAD files today for quick and easy quote! See More


In addition to first step fabrication processes, we offer basic CNC 3 axis machining services. This can include but is not limited to drilling, tapping, facing, boring, milling, countersinking etc. We can machine plates larger and heavier than most machine shops. Also, a 3-axis vertical machining center is more capable and holds tighter tolerances/repeatability than the all-in-one burn tables with a drill/tapping head. See More


MIG production welding, another secondary fabrication process is offered to OEMs as an additional value-added service. However, we do not offer welding or other secondary processing as a stand-alone service. The steel parts or assemblies that are being fabricated must utilize primary CNC fabrication processes for us to accept an order. We have a high-quality weld table and assorted fixture accessories in order to maintain repeatability and accuracy with more complex assemblies and weldments. We have other misc. manual tools such as punch, shears, manual mills, lathes, etc. to assist with general fabrication projects. See More


Another value-added service (typically the final) for our customers. We can leave custom plates plain, HDG (hot dip galvanize), powder coat, or liquid coat (paint). Coatings will enhance longevity and corrosion resistance and general durability of steel parts Note that some coatings are not available for small orders. Need a coating on your custom plates? No need to take it somewhere else and have to deal with a separate subcontractor. Let us tackle it! See More



Our pricing is defined on a per part basis and is quickly and competitively quoted on a part allocated basis with Hypertherm Pronest®. Our quotes are easy to read and typically sent within one business day. Larger quantities of parts will receive discounts. Our pricing structure is base off of accurate production times and is consistently competitive with the market.

Efficient order processing/Fastest lead times

Orders follow an efficient and logical path through our system providing our customers with easy ordering and simple interactions. We like to keep things moving! Our orders often ship within one to two weeks (unless expedited) of receiving a purchase order. We love working with our customers!


By using modern, reliable CNC machines, we can achieve high quality and repeatable parts. Regular machine maintenance is practiced ensuring maximum part quality. Our team in the office and in the shop are proactively looking for potential issues and develop solutions to solve them. DFM or design for manufacturability is checked during the quoting stage. We want to make sure the parts we ship out the door are within tolerance for the customer’s application.

Domestic Steel

The majority of our steel comes from domestic mills. Material rest reports and data sheets can be provided upon request. We buy steel in bulk giving some of the best plate prices to our customers. Using multiple suppliers with our extensive connection network, we can alleviate supply shortages getting you the custom plates you need when you need them. We can also process customer supplied material if needed unlike most steel service centers.

Flexible Shipping Options

We have local delivery trucks serving the four states area (SW Missouri, SE Kansas, NE Oklahoma, NW Arkansas), but we are not at all limited to that. Plasma Cutting Services has cost effective freight pricing and can ship small package, LTL, or flatbed anywhere in the US.


At Plasma Cutting Services, we are happy to provide CNC plasma cutting services and plate bending for the fastest lead time, the lowest prices, and at the highest quality. We specialize in industrial CNC plate cutting and bending capable of delivering mass produced parts to businesses across the nation. Send us your drawings detailing steel plates that we can cut to size and then bend if needed. Parts that come off our production lines are precise, price competitive, and delivered on time. We serve several different industries, including steel fabrication businesses, industrial construction companies, structural construction companies and more. We use the latest Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting technology from Hypertherm®, an industry leader in steel plasma cutting technology. Browse our website to find out more about our CNC plasma cutting services, steel plate bending and other capabilities.


Short lead times for plate processing compared to our competitors – often between 1-2 weeks. If you need it sooner, we can expedite the job (just request expedited when quoting). We can deliver the plates to your location, schedule a pickup or ship them with a third-party carrier. 


We strive daily to maximize part quality. All of the parts that come off our machines are visually checked for quality. By default, the plates that are smaller (widths of under 24″) are processed through our 1211 Timesavers® sanding machine giving a clean surface finish. Next the parts are sorted, labeled and packaged (shrink-wrapped and banded) . Stack labels are used to indicate part numbers, sequence number, customer name, PO/reference numbers, and show a scaled printed version of the part for easy part identification.

Any CUSTOM steel plate imaginable…

Shims, Base Plates, Connecting Plates, Brackets, Flanges

We can process steel plates to any 2D shape imaginable and in any quantities. Steel plates can be efficiently and accurately produced from your CAD drawings. Highly specialized software is used to transfer the CAD data into
motion commands for the CNC machine.

PARTNER WITH US : Outsource your plate processing — Boost Your bottom Line

Let the Experts
Do the Work…

We accept all major CAD file types: (DXF, DWG, STP, STEP, IGES, NC, NC1, IPT, SLDPRT, CAM, etc.)


Recent Custom Steel fabrication Projects

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Plasma Cutting Services LLC is a low volume – high mix modern job shop on a path to becoming a full-blown metal contract manufacturer. We service original equipment suppliers and other fabrication shops across multiple markets and industries by offering specialized CNC plate processing services. Plasma Cutting Services serves customers across the nation, and we strive to offer the fastest lead times, competitive pricing, and quality work.

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Customer Reviews



“Has worked extremely well with our team on site to make sure that…”
Aaron Miller - 6/7/2020
“Has worked extremely well with our team on site to make sure that…”
Aaron Miller - 6/7/2020
“Has worked extremely well with our team on site to make sure that…”
Aaron Miller - 6/7/2020
“Has worked extremely well with our team on site to make sure that…”
Aaron Miller - 6/7/2020