175 Ton CNC Accurpress® Advantage Press Brake

With our 175 ton press brake we have the capability of bending/forming steel parts. This machine has a 12’ bed length and is equipped with crowning and a WILA precision tool clamping system. This machine is equipped with the ETS 3000 control system along with a 2 axis (R and X) CNC backgauge. Programming the jobs is quite simple with the easy to use control system. We specialize in high volume jobs and keep tolerances within a one degree bend angle.

Specifications from Accurpress®:

WILA® New Standard Premium Precision Press Brake Tooling

We are continuously updating our precision tooling library as is necessary. The tooling package that we use is top of the line in the industry. Currently we have all of the tooling needed to bend gauge thicknesses on up to 5/8” thick plate in the full width that the tonnage capacity allows.

WILA® Tooling is known for:

Below is a list of cities that are easily accessible for us to ship processed plates too. We are by no means
limited to the list below but can ship across the United States from coast to coast.