Do you need drilled and or tapped holes instead of burned cutouts? No problem! We use a industrial radial drill station coupled with rotobroach annular cutter for quick and easy heavy drilling. Rotobroach cutters allow for much faster feed rates and lower HP requirements and perform much better than traditional drilling methods.

Although plasma cutting holes has come a long way, there is still a small divot where the lead in exists and the cylindrical face is not perfectly smooth. Hypertherm has true hole technology which allows for bolt ready holes down to a 1:1 hole diameter to plate thickness ratio. However, engineers may require smaller holes outside of true hole capabilities or necessitate that holes must be drilled for true surface cylindricity. For example, many bridge connection plates must have drilled holes and structural plates that must meet seismic standards.

Note that PCS may decline higher volume jobs with hole drilling or tapping as we don’t currently have a CNC system. However, feel free to inquire.

American Tool Company Radial Drill Detailed Capabilities:

Below is a list of cities that are easily accessible for us to ship processed plates too. We are by no means
limited to the list below but can ship across the United States from coast to coast.